The vision of Ave Sound Clinic is to achieve the highest standards in Hearing Care best practices in the industry. With this intention in mind Ave Sound Clinic is Partnered with Sivantos India Pvt Ltd (Formerly Siemens Hearing Instruments Pvt Ltd) and aligned its Vision to Objectives of Sivantos India that are:-

Forward Thinking

Continuous innovation and improvement call for passion, courage, and above all, forward thinking. With Signia, Sivantos constantly look ahead, pushing the limits and Challenging the impossible in the search for new ways to help people listen to what is important to them.

Customer Centered

The True value of innovation is measured by the benefit it brings to others. With Signia, everything Sivantos do -from developing life changing technology to personalised hearing care – is customer centered and focused on making a positive contribution to the lives of our customers.

Quality Driven

The Highest levels of reliability, accuracy and usability are vital prerequisites for all Signia products. Quality driven, Sivantos strive ceaselessly to set new standards of performance and quality because they know that this is how they are measured.

Our objective is to go beyond the conformities of text book solutions and ensure satisfaction and comfort to the patients with our prompt and earnest service in a friendly environment.