Pockettio HP

The Pockettio helps you to correct hearing impairments and to better understand your environment. Whether you are with family or friends, listening to your MP3 player or watching television the Siemens Pockettio will improve your hearing in every situation. This easy to use hearing aid will allow you to, once again, actively take part in day to-day life. The Pockettio from Siemens is a robust, digital hearing system that is simple and convenient to use. The user can choose between three programs depending on the hearing situation. 3 programs for different hearing situations: optimized for speech understanding, optimized for noisy surroundings and optimized for hearing comfort.The device features modern technology that a hearing care professional can adjust to accommodate each individual’s hearing loss.

Key Features:-

  • ON/OFF switch
  • Volume control with clear marking on top and front
  • Battery door & LED indicator & Receiver with ear tip
  • Audio input, socket to connect to TV or other audio devices
  • Program change button & Receiver cord