Motion 3Px

The Motion Primax is the newest traditional Behind-the-Ear (BTE) style hearing instrument from Signia, and features the next generation BestSound Technology platform that enables users to understand speech in difficult environments even better than people without hearing loss!

Motion Primax is a great choice for those who prefer a traditional BTE aid that is easy to wear and easy to maintain. Motion is available in 3 styles – SX, S or P, and can be worn with traditional earmolds (not included) or open fit domes. What’s more, the housing is available in a great variety of colors to suit every style. The Signia Motion Primax 3px has 24 channels and is fully compatible with the new touchControl app for iPhone or Android smartphones.

This unique app allows you to easily and discreetly control program changes and volume levels, right from your own smartphone, without having to purchase and carry around a separate remote control. Motion Primax is also fully compatible with the optional easyTek Bluetooth streamer, which allows the user to connect wirelessly to practically any modern mobile phone.The Motion Primax uses standard size 13 hearing aid batteries. Motion SX can also be recharged using optional eCharger.