Insio 1 Px ITE / ITC

This hearing aid requires an ear impression. Go to a hearing aid or audiologist office to have impressions made. Send them to us to have your hearing aids made. Or, if you have Siemens hearing aids or ear molds send us the serial #'s and we can use the impressions on file with Siemens.

Key Features:-

  • Data Logging
  • FeedbackBlocker with Acoustic Fingerprint technology
  • e2e wireless 3.0 for optimal binaural processing and synchronized user controls
  • Programmable, flexible 48-channel digital signal processing
  • SoundSmoothing technology
  • Optional use of miniPocket, easyTEK remote control
  • Advanced Speech and Noise Management
  • High performance automatic and adaptive directional microphone system (optional-space permitting)
  • eWindscreen adaptive wind noise reduction
  • Up to 6 individual listening programs
  • Push Button and/or Volume Control if available/size permitting
  • Auto-Phone or T-Coil optional
  • Tek-compatible for easy wireless audio streaming