Pure 10 5Nx

OWN VOICE PROCESSING:- Uses dual processing to dramatically improve user acceptance of their own voice. Is accurately able to identify the users own voice from other voices no matter what the situation.

AUTOMATIC FEATURES:-Automatically adjusts the noise reduction and speech enhancement features of the hearing aids to improve speech understanding and listening comfort. SpeechFocus™ automatically focuses on the main speech source, regardless of where it comes from – be it from the front, back or even sides. SpeechFocus is automatically activated as soon as a car situation is detected.

NOISE REDUCTION (NOISE REDUCTION):-Reduces background noise to improve listening comfort.

IMPULSE NOISE REDUCTION (SOUND SMOOTHING):-Improves listening comfort by suppressing sudden loud sounds.

WIND NOISE REDUCTION (E-WINDSCREEN):-Reduces wind noise to improve listening comfort.

FREQUENCY COMPRESSION (FREQUENCY COMPRESSION):-Improves audibility by compressing sounds from areas where hearing is most damaged to an area with better hearing.

ADVANCED SPEECHMASTER:-Advanced Control System that isolates the target speaker from unwanted background noise & Speech.

TWINPHONE:-Allows you to automatically hear your phone conversations in both ears.

CROS/BICROS:-The new wireless CROS/BICROS system can allow you to hear speech from your”dead” ear’s side, by delivering it to your better ear.