Motion 13 5Nx

The 5Nx Motion 13 offers Signia’s mid-level technology in a traditional Behind-the-Ear (BTE) device based on its latest chipset. It The Motion Nx features much improved sound quality over the previous Pure platform and comes with Own Voice processing to improve initial user acceptance. The features of the 5Nx are more configurable than the 3Nx, allowing the audiologist to better customise it to the individual’s needs. It also includes technology to assist hearing in background noise (SpeechFocusTM, and Directional Speech Enhancement), and the Spatial Configurator provides the wearer with control over the directional microphones to focus the hearing aid where they want to hear. Siemens boasts a rich, clear sound quality in this device. The Signia 5Nx Motion 13 is a suitable option for those who have moderate difficulties hearing in background noise. It also comes with direct connectivity to the iPhone to allow phone and media streaming without a neck worn device.

Key features:-

  • Uses dual processing to dramatically improve user acceptance of their own voice. Is accurately able to identify the users own voice from other voices no matter what the situation.

  • Is made of iPhone (MFI) and allows media and phone streaming as well as remote control directly from the iPhone or compatible iOS devices

  • Automatically switches to a directional microphone strategy in background noise. Narrow directionality automatically focuses on the speaker immediately in front of the wearer to help wearers understand speech in noisy places like restaurants.

  • SpeechFocusTM automatically focuses the microphones on the main speech source regardless of whether the speech is coming from the front or behind. SpeechFocusTM will automatically activate as soon as a car situation is detected.