Motion 5Px

This is the mid range Primax technology level and it offers outstanding assistance for people who lead active lives.Again, this level of technology is available in behind the ear, receiver in canal, rechargeable and in the ear models. Their new Lithium-ion rechargeable Cellion range is also available on this level of technology

Key Features:-

  • SpeechMaster:- Automatically adjusts the hearing aid features to improve your ability to hear in different listening situations. It works by analysing the soundscape and then balancing the noise reduction, directionality, and amplification features so that the dominant speaker's voice is highlighted.

  • TwinPhone:-A feature to improve the user's ability to hear on the telephone. The hearing on the phone ear detects the presence of the telephone, and then streams the signal to the non-phone ear. This allows the user to hear the phone call coming through both ears.

  • SpeechFocus:-Technology to help you hear speech coming from the front and behind. At the 5Px level, the hearing aids scan the listening environment and then focus the microphones on the loudest speech source, regardless of whether it is coming from the front or back.

  • Narrow Directionality:-A feature to help you focus on a single person speaking directly in front of you in background noise. The hearing aids create a very narrow focus to the front of the speaker, suppressing everything outside of this narrow focus. This happens automatically within the listening program.

  • SoundSmoothing:-A feature to improve listening comfort by taking the edge off of sudden loud sounds. It works by identifying, and reducing the gain of, sudden loud sounds so that they remain present, recognisable but not significantly different to the rest of the background noise.