Pure Charge & Go 5 Nx

The 5Nx Pure Charge & Go the mid-level receiver-in-the-canal, rechargeable, made for iPhone hearing device from Signia. It has a built-in Lithium-Ion battery for added convenience. It delivers clear, rich sound quality and ease of listening in moderately difficult listening situations by using binaural processing to achieve this. The Pure Nx features much improved sound quality over the previous Pure platform and comes with Own Voice processing to improve initial user acceptance.

The settings are highly flexible with fully automatic programs and up to six manual programs. Users can control the volume, programs, directionality, and tinnitus noiser with either the hearing aid buttons, different remote control options or smart phone app. Bluetooth compatibility with mobile phones, TV transmitter, and remote microphone is accessed directly via the built in Bluetooth function in the aid. The hearing aids are dust and water resistant and easy to maintain. These hearing aids are suitable for people who needs a moderate amount of assistance for listening in back ground noise and who would like the control and connectivity offered.